Molly is a female rat terrier and her birthday is 12/2/04. She's shaking, whining, her ears are back, rapid panting, and it seems as if her heart beat is going a million miles per hour. However, the worst is that when she walks she walks very slowly and when she sits she looks as if she's almost in pain. When she was laying down I rubbed on her feet and her legs, all the while she was shaking, but she whined when I pressed in at her hips. So, I'm thinking with all the jumping and running around that she does she might have bruised her hip.

However, earlier today we had the dry wall people come in because we're remodeling. There was lots of loud hammering noises. Maybe it stressed her out?

What do you guys think?

She's going to the vet tomorrow, but is there anything that we could do tonight to make her more comfortable.