We took our 10 week old english cocker spaniel puppy to the vet yesterday to get the 2nd part of his shots.

Unfortunately, at this time he still has a retained testicle. We're really hoping it's going to come down.

We asked the vet what he recommends in terms of neutering, and the vet said that if the testicle does not drop that he would like to remove that one. When we asked about removing both of them, he looked kind of shocked and basically said not to do it.

When we asked our breeder if she recommends neutering, she also looked shocked and said absolutely not.

This puppy is the son of the reigning young european champion of the breed, and he comes from an incredible line of pups on both sides. Undoubtedly, this pooch has some amazing qualities. Still, if the testicle does not drop we won't be able to breed him anyway because retained testicles are genetic.

Like I said, we're really hoping this testicle falls into place.

It looks to me like this is a cultural issue (we're in italy), but as an american I have always known people to push for spaying and neutering fanatically. We're really confused about what to do.

Any thoughts on this situation would be greatly appreciated!