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    Nov 19, 2006, 04:39 PM
    Restless sleeping/breaking the habit of sleeping on the bed
    Our little shih tzu (8 months old) started well, but more recently has taken to sleeping under or on our bed. We took the path of least resistance and let him get away with it, but his constant licking, nibbling, flicking his ears around and general sleep noise is driving us nuts. Any tips for breaking him of this would be great. I have bought him a new comfy dog bed which I am going to endeavour to get him to use. Wish me luck, as I just cannot have him in our room, its just too disturbing. :confused:
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    Nov 19, 2006, 06:21 PM
    If it doesn't go well, you can always crate him. Other dogs may
    Not be as bad as the young Labs I am plagued with. Still your house and dog
    Will be much safer with the dog in a crate when you are away. The dog may be
    Happier in its den than loose in the house. It relaxes, it feels safe in its
    Den. It rests, the body slows down reducing the need for water and relieving
    Its self. Dogs that have been crated all along do very well. Many of them
    Will rest in their crates even when the door is open. I think the plastic
    Ones give the dog more of a safe, enclosed den feeling. They are harder for
    Dogs to open too. Metal ones can be put in a corner or covered with
    Something the dog can't pull in and chew. Select
    A crate just big enough for the full grown dog to stretch out in.

    Leave it some toys. Perhaps a Kong filled with peanut butter. Don't leave
    Anything in the crate the dog might chew up. It will do fine without even any
    Bedding. You will come home to a safe dog and a house you can enjoy.

    A dog that has not been crated since it was little, make take some work.
    Start just putting its toys and treats in the crate. Praise it for going
    in. If you have been able to trust it with any bedding, put that in the crate.
    Feed it in the crate. This is also an easy way to maintain order at feeding
    Time for more than one dog.
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    Sep 8, 2007, 08:22 AM :: Get Balanced

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