I have a 5 year old dog (pic below) which was spayed almost 6 days ago. She barely drinks or eats anything at all. She just nibbles a few small bites of food and then just leaves it. The dog had a very healthy appetite before this... eating about (2) 16oz cans of food, and a bowl of dry dog food a day, on top of an occasional rabbit. :eek: I'm not sure what to do at all. I keep her inside most of the time... mainly due to coyotes and stray dogs. I let her outside one morning, phone rings, I come inside to answer, hear yelping... of course I know what was going on. So I take her to be spayed, and she wasn't pregnant. I feel awful, I did this needlessly it seems. It's driving me crazy just watching her lay around looking sad and barely eating. :( Is this normal for dogs to act this way after being fixed?

Any help will be appreciated.