My dog,a schnauzer terrier cross, has been acting very funny latley
She's always been a great dog, good with adults and children,
Bit the other day she nearly bit my mom. She's nearly 9 years old
And the just day I was petting her, and went straight for my hand she
Would have made a nasty hole in my hand if I wasn't faster.
She hasn't turned on my dad yet, but I'm worried she will. Now that she's attacked me and my mom for no reason, I've been starting to close my bedroom door at night. But she rams her head at the door until I open it.
Then she'll snarl at me, and lay down, I'm very uncomfortable with this
Situation, and my dad says if she does anything else she will have to be put down. Do you agree with this? I'm not sure how I feel nad I think if you tell me how you feel about the topic I may have an easier understanding about this situation. Thank you very much.