Callie was spayed yesterday. When I picked her up the ran down the list of aftercare instructions but I was so focused on her and my daughter who wasn't behaving that I would like to make sure I heard correctly.

She was very groggy yesterday, barely moved and slept all day. This morning she woke up ready to go. We hid all of her toys so she wouldn't hurt herself running. She keeps running though. Should I keep her in a crate? If so, how long until she's able to run free during the day?

Also, it's been pouring rain here... Callie is potty trained so she'll hold it forever if she has too... I know they said do not let her get wet for a week but it's supposed to pour all week, what do I do?

One more thing, they said to monitor the incision. It looks fine, no redness, swelling, or puss but the it a little bump in the middle of it (it looks like another nipple) but it's in the middle of the cut... should I have the Vet check this out, or am I over reacting?

Thanks in advance!