OK I picked up an 8 weeks old toy poodle/pomeranian mix as a rescue on Sunday.
She was just at the vet 2 days before and was spayed. But they didn't give her her shots yet as they wanted her to heal and recover from the operation sinch she was so tiny.

I was to come have her get her vaccinations 2 weeks later on Thursday nov 30th.

So 1st day (sunday) she was very excited and explored the house some :)
She ate a lot that morning at the shelter I got her from (I watched her eat)
That was purina puppy chow. I had bought her some purina ONE puppy chow because my cats and dogs loved the purina one type food.but as custom the shelter gave me an animal rescue kit made and packaged by Pedigree.

This kit came with 12 puppy diapers, 3 sealed 10 packs of training papers, 2 bags of dried pedigree puppychow and one can of canned pedigree puppy food, and a toy.

All packaged together.

So that eve on Sunday I tried giving my puppy the purina one puppy food... she wouldn't touch it. So I figured id try the doggy kit with the pedigree puppy food. She didn't want that so I figured id open the can and try putting a little of the canned food mixed in with the pedigree puppy chow. She ate it then.

But an hour later she started dry heaving and spitting up only liquids. (just clearish saliva)
And it only happened twice that night so I didn't think much of it she was back to her normal self. Monday she woke me up playfull and chewing on my nostrel. She was hungry and wanted food and water. So again we fed her the pedigree dry food and the canned food. And again an hour later she spit up again (clearish salive again) and had a runny bowl movement. So wife and I decided that we weren't going to feed that to her anymore since it apparently didn't sit well.

(remember we got a clean bill of health from the vet who did the checkup and spayingthat friday)

Later that day she slept most the whole day and wouldn't eat any other puppy food we tried but she would drink a lot. This went on intoteusday and she wouldn't drink but would sleep all day. And she didn't have any change in breathing or any abnormal bumps bruises, rashes, her tummy wasn't tender from the operation it wasn't distended from internal bleeding from (wife is a family physician) so she had a general idea of what to look for for problems that all creatures have even though she wasn't a vet. Something made me go check the food that pedigree gave the shelter for any warning that I may have missed or tips with a picky puppy.
When I noticed at the bottom of the back that bith bags of pedigree puppychow was two years old and 3 months past expiration! The pedigree had just donated the stuff a few weaks ago! But it was 2 years old AND expired! So wife and I are beating ourselves up over peading bad puppy food to her! Even if it was only once 1 night and once the next morning!

So now its Wednesday. She is still not eating but she drinking a lot still and still wags her tail when we come visit with her. And she has enough energy to go hide and sleep behind everything in the whole house every 20 minutes. Has no irregular breating or funny look in her eyes or abnormal pulse.

She just won't eat anything and she has lost enough weight now that her puppy diapers don't stay on her.

I'm in a tough spot of having zero (yes I mean absolute zero money we had just got done buying a brand new house and appliances and set up fees) to take her to the vet since we just spent 300 bucks on her spaying and another on puppy supplies! No credit cards or anything! And unfortunately don't get paid for another 2 weeks and none of the vets in our are will do work now for pay later despite my wife's position as the new doctor at the only clinic in the whole county and town!

So now that you have heard this long story. Do any of you have a suggestion as to what I can to feed her? I know in the people world my wife gives things like ensure and other protein shakes for elderly or sick people who don't eat.

Is there something similar that is available for dogs that we may try... or any other safe foods that we can perhaps make soft or liquid form for her to drink or us to feed her to gain nutrients until she gets better?

Thanks for any information you may have.

Btw my wife and I have had many dogs each over our 34 years each but none younger than 8-9 months old so we are in new territory with our puppy of 8 weeks!