I have a 9 week old male Scottish Terrier; I live in an upstairs flat and am not finding a place or method for potty training that is working. I am having him go in either the bathroom or outside depending on the weather (it is cold and we have snow) and time of day and I am concerned that this is confusing him; he is having an equal number of accidents to successes in either place. I will catch him about to go on the carpet and I don't know if I scare him out of having to go - I try not show anger, I simply say "NO! Lets go out side" - I pick him up, take him to the bathroom or outside and he won't go. I will be outside half an hour or more waiting; or in the bathroom, he will just sit and stare at me. If I give up and go inside or leave the bathroom then not long after he will go on the carpet or in his crate. He seems to have no pattern of when he needs to go in regards to when he eats or drinks. When he wakes up from a long sleep seems to be his only consistent success. I am afraid my confusion and frustration is effecting his progress. I am so at a loss at this point. Is he too distracted by the "adventure" outside? Am I spending too long outside that he is missing the purpose of why he is out there? Is carrying him down the stairs hindering his progress? Also, in the bathroom, it seems as if he doesn't like going on the newspaper. I don't want to stop him from going because I have probably stopped him once already. It is all the same to me to clean up the floor or newspaper. I am just so frustrated, confused and at a loss... maybe more than I should be but this is this first dog I have had while living in an apartment and it is not falling into place like before. Can anyone help me? :confused: