My puppy is 11 weeks old, and I've had him since he was 5 weeks old. I bought a carrier for him to sleep in when I first got him, it's made of fabric with padding and a soft bottom and mesh on the sides and ends. He was peeing in and tearing up the thing and it really stinks, so I finally got a plastic crate last weekend. He does NOT like it and cries if I put him in it, even though I put all his favorite toys in with him. So I've had to let him back into his old one for the past two nights. He will sniff the new one and run away like it is going to bite him. (he is a chihuahua by the way) I know it's new and surely he will get used to it? I know he's not really old enough to be left in the crate for hours at a time, but I am very busy and it cannot be avoided sometimes, so he was peeing in the thing and at least with this new one I can clean it out fairly easily. Will he get used to it pretty soon, and should I make him sleep in it at night even though he cries (and keeps me awake)? I could try a pad in the bottom to make it softer but then that is just defeating the purpose of getting a plastic crate.