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    Puppy was coverd in fleas

    Asked Sep 1, 2006, 05:56 AM 6 Answers
    :( Help,We found two puppies that someone dropped off in the middle of the road one of them was covered in fleas we got them off but the puppy is drained what can I do he won't eat much and he does drink a lot of water

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    6 Answers
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    Krs Posts: 2,906, Reputation: 320
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    Sep 1, 2006, 07:03 AM
    Ahhh that's sad :(

    At least he is drinking water which is good, try feed him small portions but often.
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    Sep 1, 2006, 07:48 AM
    I have rescued a few dogs in my day and from my experiences they are so stressed out they won't eat. So I would hand feed them until they started wanting to eat on their own. I rescued a yellow lab one time that wouldn't eat or drink. So twice a day I would go into my garage, sit on the floor, and put dry dog food in my hand and let her eat it out of there. Then, I would take a turkey baster, fill it with water and put it on the side of her mouth, and squeeze it to force her to drink.

    I would recommend hand feeding the puppies until there are more comfortable with you.

    I admire you for taking the dogs in--I hope this info helps. ;)
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    Sep 1, 2006, 05:15 PM
    How old do you think the pups are?
    Could be that the pup was dehydrated, they could have been on their own for a long period. Not eating (sometimes along with vomiting) is a symptom worms. All puppies get roundworms and they have to be wormed at 6 weeks old. If the puppies were dumped out by someone, then it's safe to assume that this person probably did not care enough to worm them before dumping them. Tapeworms occur when a live flea is ingested when the animal bites or licks their itchy spots. Having either worm is unhealthy, but having both is deadly especially to puppies. You can get a wormer that rids both worms at Feed and seeds, Farming supply stores and vets. Places like walmart / drug stores only sell roundworm meds. If no other illness exists and worms are the problem, then they will feel much better soon.
    And, if they do feel better, they will also need their shots to protect them from disease. Taking them to a pet-med location (if you have them) or purchasing them from the farm supply store to administer yourself can save on the cost of rescuing animals.
    Nothing is for certain or can take the place of a visit to the vet, but if you are not in a position where you can spend that kind of money, the little things above may make all the difference.
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    Sep 1, 2006, 08:22 PM
    A heavy flea infestation could also have caused the puppy to become anemic, which could certainly present as the lethargy you describe.
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    Sep 3, 2006, 06:51 AM
    Walmart now carrries an excellent wormer, safe for puppies, its called safe-guard. It does round, tape, hook, and whip. You give it three days in a row. You need to get the correct weight. For example up to 20 pounds or up to 40 pounds depending what your pup weights. You should see a tremendous difference in your pup. I have used nonfat dry milk, sprinkled it on a little bit of puppy food, added water, along with rice baby cereal, to help strays in very thin conditions. Little portions at a time through the day is better than a lot at once. Also pedialyte is sold at most grocery stores. It would not hurt to give some of that to help the body get some instant nutrient. It is often used for dehydration, but it can also be used to help regain any under nurished animal. I also like chicken broth, to help get the body used to taken in feed. It is a liquid with lots of nutrients. Good luck.
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    Sep 3, 2006, 07:46 AM
    I realize this is a two day old post, but if they are very young, or you are not sure of the age of the puppies, Simple dish detergent can be used to remove the fleas, just wash the puppy in the sink, using a antibacterial dish detergent, the water will drown the fleas and the soap will clean the puppy. The fleas will move up toward the head so you will have to pick off the rest, but it is safer than using a pesticide. Take care not to get the water and soap in the ears and eyes.
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