I have been a dog owner for many years :p and I would like to just ask one question. Why do dog owners continue to tell new dog owners that puppies do not poop in their crate? :mad: Puppies poop where ever they please until you teach them otherwise. They are not trained or born to know not to. They must be taught. If your puppy is pooping in their crate, check the amount of food they are eating and make sure you are not giving them too much. they have to be feed in small amounts and only 2-3 times a day. read other sites and find out what your dog needs for nutrition and only give them that. they should not be fed table foods or any other type of foods during their training. They should not be given treats or snacks during their training. Just tell them no and put them outside and they will eventually learn. They will always poop in their crates. For someone to say they won't , doesnt know dogs at all. :D