Poor, poor Ginger! :(

About two weeks ago she had a seizure which lasted about seven minutes, it hit her when she was laying at the top of the steps and down she went. About ten minutes later she went into another one that lasted about four minutes. She acted a little stiff, and her gait was not quite right, so I kept her home from her usual walk for a few days and since then have been limiting her walk and ball-chasing time. She seemed to be doing OK until a few days ago. I would throw the ball for her a few times (ten or fifteen) and I'd notice her gait would be off again. She wasn't quite limping she just wasn't walking normally. I'd take her home and the next day she'd be back to normal. When I walked her Sunday I threw the ball maybe five or six times and noticed her gait was off, so we cut her walk really short and went home.

Yesterday she was really not herself. She was barely following me around the house (which she always does), walked around with her head down and tail tucked, and when I'd pet her and love on her she's shake like a leaf. She was walking normally, but would hesitate sometimes when coming up the steps and sometimes would cry. I checked her feet and toenails, nothing. I pushed and squeezed her limbs and when I got to her left rear leg she cried out a bit, but only did that once. Today she's acting a little better, but her left rear leg slid out from under her on the kitchen floor (she was all wiggly and excited because I came home) and she cried out, so I know she's still in pain.

My best guess is she pulled a muscle while playing after her two seizures, but do you think perhaps she injured herself during her tumble down the stairs, and then injured herself more while walking and playing? Her joints, when she goes up and down the steps and when she gets up after laying down for a while are popping more frequently also, could this be arthritis? She's only five years old (a lab, for those who don't know), isn't that a little early? Her mom did not have hip problems, and neither did her father, so I don't think that's it.

All in all, what is your suggestion that I do for her? I haven't walked her in two days now because I want her to rest. I know she doesn't feel good because she isn't "asking" for her walk either. If it's a pulled muscle, taking her to the vet won't do much good, and I hate to stress her out for no reason. I know they can diagnose arthritis, but I don't think that's the problem since it was so sudden.

She's eating, drinking, pooping, peeing and sleeping normally. She hasn't had a seizure since the ones I mentioned. Sorry for the long post, I just feel bad for my puppy and want her back to her happy, wiggly self! :(