So I have a 4 month old english bulldog. I got him from a pet store who got him from a puppy mill (didnt know about any of this stuff at the time). Anyway, he has always been peeing and pooping in sleeping area since he was a baby. When we got him at 11 weeks old for the first week he was fine. He really is good when it comes to using the wee wee pad. Now, whenever we crate him to leave or if we just leave the room for a second he starts barking and going nuts. If he is crated and going nuts he poo's everywhere and plays in it. Every single day he will poo on the wee wee pad and then some time later he will poo in his crate... if we can't get this to stop we are going to have to give him away.. I have a job and can't keep cleaning everything crap off my dog and walls at 3AM in the monring. And before you bash me saying its my fault, he poos plenty of times during the day but he insists on saving a little to go in his crate because he doesn't whine or anything he just poops and then plays in it. It has to stop. Please help