I have a small breed dog who is currently 5 and a half weeks pregnant and she's not wanting to eat very much. I know that with her being pregnant and all her appetite won't be the same but before she got pregnant she would only eat if I was in the room with her and if I got up for any reason she'd stop eating and follow me until I came back to the room to eat. Lately she hasn't been wanting to eat at all! I changed her food like 3 times and shell eat a little here at first then nothing for almost a week! I don't want to do the whole "if she's hungry shell eat" thing because she's pregnant and the puppies need to have their nutrition as well. I have about 4 different types of dry dog food that she ate but is no longer interested I've also given her boiled chicken which she will eat but also only a little bit of it. One of the foods she has is soft and moist brand because I thought maybe the dry food was too hard on her teeth but she will only eat a little bit of it a day. She's supposed to be eating a lot more being pregnant and all but she's getting very picky. I had to kind of force feed her a few minutes ago because she hadn't ate since yesterday morning. I put a piece of kibble in her mouth and she ate it then I brought some over in my hand and she looked very interested and ate up about a handfull and was done. She's 10 years old not overweight and we go on mile and a half walks everyday. My other dog passed last year of old age and when he was around she never did this. It just started happening within the last couple of months so I don't think it could be her grieving as its been a year. I'm worried for the safety of the puppies. She has an appt at the vet next week but I'm spazzing out! Can anyone help?