'''my dog is shaving herself, causing redness, and to top it off my sister has lice. The doc. Says lice can't be transferred from dog to human, or from human to dog. I've tried giving her medicine, soaking her in Cortizone cream, but nothing works. HELP!''

I strongly feel medical problems need the attention of a local vet. A vet can see what you are talking about and check other symptoms, plus ask what you are feeding. He may decide to take skin scrapings or other tests. I am disappointed with the report on yours. Maybe another vet would be a better idea than the net. I really don't think reports of what some vet prescribed for a dog he examined, help others with the same symptoms, but a different cause and cure.

I have had good luck with my dogs' skin and coats following a regimen of limiting the dog to a dog chow, regular brushing with a soft bristled brush, and seldom if ever giving them a bath. Any bath a dog does get, needs to be followed by a good rinse. They also get Revolution in the flea season. Changing chows won't do any good unless the dog has an allergy, and the new chow doesn't have the allergen. I see hundreds of dogs a year eating chows with ''bad ingredients'' that have fine coats.

Maybe I shouldn't answer your PM in public since you will likely get some advice I disagree with, but I will trust you to sort out the good and the bad. I think most people know good advice when they see it. Along with some other useful information, this is covered in a sticky at the top of the dog forum.