I adopted a 9 week old pup. He was OK the first two days, but started to act funny the third day. He was very tired and stopped eating/drinking. I brought him to the vet on day 4. The vet thought that it was parasites, put fluid under his skin, and sent us home. The next day, he wasn't any better, so I brought him back. I got a different vet this time. She admitted him and has been treating him with fluids, antibiotics, anti nausea meds, pain killers, etc... He has been there for 5 days now. He was holding steady, no worse/no better, the entire time. Yesterday, while I was visiting him, he was very interested in food/water, but wouldn't eat/drink any. He just sniffed and stared at it. I was hoping for the best when I went to visit today. Unfortunately, he looked terrible. The vet said that he wiggled his IV loose through the night and went several hours without them. He had a fever for the first time in the 5 days. She said that she was going to switch to some different meds to see if they moved things in the right direction. She called me this afternoon and said that the fever was gone, and the diarrhea seems to have stopped. However, he has gone from 14lbs to 12lbs. His protein and sugar is OK, but his white blood count is very low. Fortunately, he is not yet septic and his intestines seem like they are getting better.

Here is my question. I have read that if dogs make it 8 days, they have a very good chance of pulling through. He seems so weak though, and is still refusing to eat or drink. This is day 7. I was feeling like we might be OK just because he has held on for so long. Someone commented that I was just prolonging his misery. The vet assured me that he was comfortable, but this comment has me thinking. Am I wrong to take a small amount of comfort in the fact that he has won the fight this far? Does anyone have any experience with this scenario?