I have asked other people and got some good advice but I am having trouble implenting it. I noticed this affecting Owen the other day and I want to stop this so he can not be anxious.
I am scared of dogs I don't know that bark and come toward me. I am also scared of Owen being accused of biting someone due to his breed(bully breed). From my limited research and talking to others Owen feels my anxiety and that affects him. I do understand that and agree it is me and I need to change.
HOW? I try to stay mindful and use my DBT skills that I have been learning. They fit for this but I am still scared and anxious. Is there such a thing as training for anxious owners to teach them that is normal dogs playing vs that is a situation you need to get your dog and take him away. That is part of my problem too I just can't tell the difference in play and not play. I get so scared it looks bad to me all the time.
I am so angry at myself for this and need to understand what I can do to learn and be a good owner. I hope this makes sense and it is clear.