says he's fine. He vomitted tiny puddles yesterday, so I took him to our vet. The vet said x-rays were not needed. He performed a physical exam on Milo and said he seemed like a very Happy and Healthy dog. He suggested 10mg of Pepcid twice a day with a treat.

We forgot to crate him last night and found him sleeping in his favorite spot on the guest bed. There was a substantial (1 foot) puddle of vomit. His food looked like sand and the treats were not digested at all. I put him in his crate which is usually the only time he'll bark if we're in the house. He's been very quiet. I must go off and drive my kids to school.

Do I call the vet? I'm slightly annoyed that they didn't do the x-ray. I'm paniked that this will cost thousands.

HELP :confused: