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    Jul 16, 2009, 02:35 PM
    An old issue, but my specific case. Crate weeing!
    Hello everyone :)

    I'm currently being driven mad by my new puppy and while I know that what I am experiencing is all normal and there is loads of good advice out there I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice specific to my circumstances?

    I have adopted a lurcher cross (not sure what she's crossed with!) from the Dog's Trust two days ago and she's lovely! The problem is that I bought her a crate as advised to by a few friends and she immediately started weeing and pooing in it, then trampling it all over. She follows me around everywhere I go round the house and just lays down and watches me. When she's on her own (either in the crate or just in a room) she gets very distressed and whines and howls, and this continues all night while she's in her crate. Now she whines as soon as she goes in the crate, but her not being in it while unattended is not an option.

    I moved her into my bedroom last night and she settled down after about half an hour of howling, at 3am she was whining so I took her out for a wee which she dutifully did after about five minutes. Within thirty seconds of being back in her crate she did a huge poo!

    She wees round the house so while I am at home I take her out into the back yard (no grass, just stones / gravel and flowerbeds) every thirty minutes or so. She tends to just look at me or lay down and stare at me, in the two days I have had her she has only gone for a wee outside four times in about thirty attempts to get her to. Inevitably, as soon as she gets back into her crate she will then wee...

    I have divided her crate with a box so it is only big enough for her to sleep and turn around in but she has just had a widdle in there AGAIN :(

    I have had dogs before but they were always adults and housetrained when I got them. I have three days off now so I can concentrate on her for that time but come Monday I am back in work. I'll be able to pop in at lunch to let her out but I'm really really worried she'll just howl the house down and poo everywhere all day. My girlfriend and little girl (14 months) are away at the moment but are back in three weeks, I'd love to have her at least semi-trained by then - is this possible? When they are home the dog will almost always have company but I'd like her to be able to be left alone when needed.

    Any advice on what I could do is much appreciated!

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    Jul 16, 2009, 03:32 PM

    Hi cameron, if I answer this, you will get so much advice because I am starting it off.

    You don't say how old pup is, that is a definite requirement. Without that it is kind of hard to judge what to say.

    I suggest if you have a completely enclosed yard, you LEAVE HER OUT THERE UNTIL SHE DOES SOMETHING. Okay, not yelling, just emphasizing that point.

    Not acceptable weeing or pooing anywhere within your vicinity for sure.

    Okay, love, how old, how big and where has she been before that you know of.?

    Everyone knows here how I feel about crate training, but you are going to hear pros and cons. But I get your point about being trained before others arrive home.

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    Jul 16, 2009, 05:03 PM

    I can understand your situation.

    We just adopted a 10-month-old spayed female Husky cross from the Human Society. She was removed from her previous home because her owner was basically locking her in a bathroom all day and not spending much time with her. She was very nervous around loud noises and new people, especially men (loud, deep voices). She took to me right away and also follows me around the house, always looking for my attention/approval.

    We've had her for two weeks. I am home all day, and am able to let her out on a regular basis. We put her in a crate at night, as we also have cats that sleep in the bedroom and we want to let them get used to her and have some part of their routine stay unaltered.

    The first few nights in the crate were rough. We started with her in our first floor library, but moved her up to the second floor after two nights. She would go into the crate fine, and was calm as long as she could see us. As soon as we left she would become very agitated (whiny, progressing to barking and howling). When it became too much, I would go next to the cage, not making eye contact, and just lay down on the floor. This worked to calm her down and eventually fall asleep.

    Now two weeks have passed and she only whines for a few minutes while we are getting ready for bed. She is sleeping through the night. We are working on leaving her for short times during the day to get her used to this scenario.

    I don't know how old your pup is, but I would suggest trying a similar tactic. As far as going in the cage, it might be that your timing is off on letting her outside. Let her out, and keep her out (supervised) until she goes. Let her know you approve (praise or small treat) as soon as she's done. She is looking to you for leadership, so show her what the "right" behavior is at all times.

    Small pups can't be expected to hold their bladder more than a few hours. They might poop three times a day. They grow up and it gets better.

    Hope this helps!
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    Jul 16, 2009, 08:01 PM

    The rule of thumb for a pup is 1 hour in the crate for every month of age.

    So a 2 month old pup should not be left in the crate longer then 2 hours (during the day).

    Sadly, at night, you will have to make frequent trips for potty time. It's not instant, and two days is nothing, you have to give it time and patience.

    She's crying and howling because she misses her litter mates and her mother. All of a sudden she's alone, in a new home, different smells, no warm bodies around her, so of course she's upset. A good long walk before bed will help, so will a clock wrapped in a blanket and putting the crate in the room with you.

    Let her cry it out. If you give in then you'll be setting yourself up for a dog sleeping with you. Trust me! ;)

    When you take her outside to do her potty, pick a word that you will be using to signal it's time to go. I use "potty". Keep saying the word, when she goes then praise, praise, praise, go nuts, lots of hugs, kisses, act like she just won a million dollars.

    She'll catch on. You just have to give it time.

    Good luck.
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    Jul 17, 2009, 12:44 PM
    What I'm about to say is much like what everyone else has already said. Don't give in when it's barking. That way it'll learn to stop doing that. You've only had it for 2 days. It takes time to train a puppy. But dogs learn quick you just need time.

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