My dog is a 10 year old German Shepard mix. In the past 3 months, she has started a new behavior. When we go to sleep at night, she sneaks downstairs and pees and poops in the same spot. At first it was just once in a while. Now it is every night. I thought it might be medical. Then we went on vacation for a week and left her at my mother's house. This didn't happen one time while she was there. Every night, we let her out at 11:00 before we go to bed and at 6:00 when we get up in the morning. We took her to the doctor. He said there isn't anything medically wrong with her and didn't have any solutions. We thought that she might just need a little more love. We have been taking her on extra walks, and giving extra hugs and kisses. We just don't know what to do at this point. I would hate to start putting my dog in a cage since she has never been in on. HELP!