I have a Golden-doodle about 1 1/2 yrs old. She is a wonderful companion and gives us so much pleasure. I feed her a high quality natural dry dogfood (many different brands), but she just picks at it all day, then usually leaves a lot of it. She will eat most of it if I add cottage cheese or sometimes leftover vegetables. I am concerned that the cottage cheese on a daily basis may be too much protein. I give her 4% milkfat cottage cheese. I add 2 heaping tbl spoons to her dry food. She weighs about 55 lbs and looks pretty good at that weight or maybe just a pound or so more. She is not a dog that will eat people food very well and doesn't beg usually. She will eat meat if offered, but other than that, not much. She just seems so picky and doesn't go after her food voratiously like so many other dogs I know. Thanks