Yesterday I got a new puppy from a puppy store... :)
The only problem is that she won't eat the food (or water) that the puppy store gave us to give to her. :( She is only 5 months old and the only thing she will eat is cooked rice in the food that they gave us but even though we do that she doesn't eat the food she is soppose to.(The food that they gave us is called Eukanuba)We do not want her to get used to the house food or anything but we had to give her it for she can at least have something in her stomach. She is really shy and gets really scared when she hears noices. When we take her outside to do her thing she doesn't want to intill she really has to or just does it on newpaper we have for her.I don't know what's going on because she was eating perfectly fine in the puppy store (she even has a little bit of fat). What should I do to make her eat the food that she is suppose to with out the rice or anything else?And to drink water.