We just saved 2 puppies from an animal shelter on Friday, Dec 5, 2008. They were from the same litter and they appear to be some lab and shepard mix. One of the puppies is doing fine and eating well and gaining weight.

The other puppy has our attention and will be taking to the vet possibly tomorrow. She has not eaten since we have brought her home 2 days ago. She looked healthy when we got her and now appears thin and losing weight. Some datails since we brought her home:

1. We are using the same food (IAMS) that the shelter said they were using.

2. The first night, I thought she was sniffing the other dogs poop but before I caught on, she was actually eating it. She was hard to get away and keep away form that area even after I have removed the poop.

3. The same behavior occurred the next day so now I take them out seprate so I can clean up before I take her (Kiha) out .

4. Yesterday, she started to get the runs and throwing up. We were concerned so we called a vet after normal vet hours. She wanted us to bring her in and tested for porvo. I looked porvo up on the internet and she does not show any blood in her excrement. I do not believe she has provo but we are keeping an eye on her.

5. Late yesterday, we decided to try some can dog food and she went after it and ate about half a cup. We were pleased thinking she was now eating but she threw it up about an hour later and she got a severe case of diarrha.

6. We got up and took both puppies out at 3 am this morning and Kiha drank a great sum of water, normal since the throwing up and diarrha causes dehydration. She later thew the water up and did that until about 8 this morning. She is now drinking plenty of water and keeping it down. It also appears that the diarrha is starting to clear up.

7. She is still not eating any food so we mixed some pedialyte with some milk made for puppies and fed her twice using a syringe. We have fed her about 4 oz. and she appears to be keeping this down.

8. As expected from not eating, her energy level has gone down to the point where all she does now is sleep except to get water and go outside to potty.

We are taking her to the vet for her normal chaeck up and vaccinations but should I be more concerned about her transition to her new home. I have read a lot about new puppies and provo and some of the info I got from this site has really helped.

Kiha and Koa