First and foremeost, I live alone, I am a widow, and I love my puppy. When I first got him, (he is a shih-poo) tried to crate him. Didn't work. Then tried to confine him to kitchen. He pushed the gate opened. He is now three; housebroken, doesn't chew up furniture, and waits until I get home before he poops. Since I moved into a one bedroom apt from a two, he has ceased scratching the entrance to the door and I have yet had to replace the taped area which protects the floor. I know he's upset when I leave for work in the morning, but it has been a habit that every time I go out the door, and then return, he knows we go for a walk. So I think his separation anxiety has been minimal. He has a squeaky squooshy ball for his first toy, and still has it. I gave him a squeaky tennis ball the other day, and that one didn't last very long. He sucks on his pillow, (which used to be his bed), and it is still intact. He doesn't give kisses but he is a cuddler. Is my doggie well adjusted, and should I feel guilty about not crating him?