Let me start by saying the I do not want any of this to happen.

While my wife and I were living in phoenix we rescued a Sheppard\rot mix from some aliens who were keeping this 5 week old pup in a closet outside of their apt. they gave her to us... because we had just had our rot stolen the month before... She is our baby.

When we moved to Oregon we breed her with a beautiful Newfoundland/Lab. She had five wonderfully huge pups, we decided to keep two of them and the other three we found wonderful homes through the local humane society, they are all greatly loved.

Now the female we kept has come into her first real heat and now we can't keep her brother off her. (he was too young when his mother came into her last heat.) She gets very angry and snarls at him.

We do not want them to breed together but what will happen if they do. Will nature even let it happen?

Please don't yell at me about getting them fixed. My wife won't let me till they are full grown and the female has had at least one litter. Plus we can’t afford it right now because I was recently laid off and are about to be living out of our 22’ travel trailer.