I have a mini dachshund she is around 10 months old and weighs 3.1kg's.
I would like to have a litter from her, not for money purposes or flash purebred breeding but just for the sheer pleasure of having a litter of puppies from my beautiful little girl. She had her first season at about 8 months and I would like to breed from her on her next season. I have breed many litters of pups from small and big dogs before so I'm not a novice in this area it is just that I have had many weird comments when it comes to dachshunds. I have had many mixed comments from people saying that breeding them is really hard that that she is too small and so on. And other people say it would be fine. If anyone knows anything about breeding mini dachshunds please let me know.. the good and the bad things would be nice to hear.
Thanks :o