Hey guys. I'm so excited as Tuesday I will be starting my first job(just turned 17). And I can't wait to have my own money. My first order of business,updating Rex's rabies shot as well as his parvo, distemper... and others. I just got a letter in the mail today saying that he needs his vaccinations again as it has been a year since we did it. So I'll be able to make an appointment sometime in the next 1-2 weeks. And in a couple of more months I'll have enough saved up to get my two cats vaccinated, for rabies and whatever else is suggested by the vets.

Anyway I was starting to think more about getting my dog as well as my cats microchipped. My dog currently wears two ID tags, but they could fall off. And with my dog being trained to the ingroung fence he now has more freedom then when he was tied. He's just to precious, you know if I ever lost him I don't know what I'd do. Also my 2 cats are outdoors a lot and they don't like wearing collars, also if they do wear collars they normally get it tangled around there paws which could cause injury. So I would like them to get microchipped also.

When I was working at the vet, through school they told me Microchipping was painful for the pets. I don't want to to cause them too much pain:eek:!

So anyone who has had their pets microchipped, or anyone who knows about this could you please post some info, like is it dangerous for the pets, how does it work and what would the price be, for dogs as well as cats.

Thanks everyone...