Hi e1. We're having some problems with a yorkiepoo and wondered if someone could give us some tips. He has been around people to a certain degree, but it's mostly just my husband and myself here at home. When we do have family or friends over he is all over them. Jumping and licking and peeing on the floor. Just will not settle down at all the whole time, unless we crate him.
Recently we've moved into a different house with a fenced in back yard. He loves to run the whole area and the freedom, but if a neighbor comes out he goes right to that side of the fence and WILL NOT quit barking and won't listen to us either. We have to physically go out and bring him in.
Also, when someone walks by on the front sidewalk, he just gets so angry and barks and barks and will not listen to us.

We have to crate him when all of these things occur, but he is not getting any better. What do we do with him?? Help! :o