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    Jan 15, 2013, 12:22 PM
    Male, Rescued Shih-Tzu pees and poos on my bed
    We have a female lab and female Malti-poo, age 9 and 5 respectively. Six months ago I rescued a male, neutered, Shih-Tzu from the pound. Age approximately 4-5 years. We are a house of 3 adults. He's not a cuddly dog, won't sit on your lap for too long, and will go into the other room and be in his kennel instead of out with the family and the other two dogs and us. He knows his name and will follow me around the house. He is always excited to see us. He loves riding in the car, going for walks, is leash trained, kennel trained, doesn't fight grooming (except his face). He is neutered and was obviously someone's pet. He gets along well with the other dogs and plays with the Malti-poo. He sleeps in his kennel at night, the Malti-poo sleeps on the bed with us, and the Lab sleeps on the floor. I've been taking him on walks because he hates the grass, especially at night, he won't set foot on it! About half the time he will do his business, and, then he will come in and pee and poo -- sometimes on our bed! I've had lots of dogs and never seen anything like this. The other two do NOT do this. It's making us crazy and I would hate to get rid of him, but I can't keep cleaning the carpet and the bedspread. I don't have the time, energy or money! Is he not happy living with us? It's breaking my heart; I've got to fix this, or I will have to find him a new home. HELP !
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    Jan 16, 2013, 01:51 AM
    It sounds like he may have been pee pad trained. That means that he was trained to pee and poo on a pad or paper in the house. Sadly, dogs can't differentiate between a pad and your bedding, carpet, etc.

    The fact that he doesn't like to go on the grass, makes it very likely that this is the case.

    If so, it's just a matter of training. Since he is an older dog, not a young puppy, it will take a bit of time, and patience, but it is doable.

    When you take him out to potty use a potty word "potty time", "make" whatever you choose. Keep it simple, and only use that word. Take him out, say your potty word over and over until he goes potty. When he does, tons of praise, pets, a treat.

    If he has an accident indoors, a firm no, and then take him directly outside. If you catch him in the act, stop him mid stream or mid poo, and take him directly outside. Do not go back in until he's done his business.

    If you're consistent, patient, use positive reinforcement, he should catch on that pottying inside is a no no.

    Good luck.

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