Hello, we just bought a 7 week old shih tzu today. It was quite docile at the breeder but we figured it was just his personality. He seemed to get lively a couple of times in the car, sitting up and panting but that was the most. We brought him home and spent a few hours with him and he wouldn't really move or anything. We left for a few hours after that and when we came home, it barely acknowledged that we had arrived. We can seem to pet him fine but he really reacts when we pick him up, very stiff muscles stretched out and just quivers all over. Once you get him in your arms he seems okay but he is still very skittish even when you are holding him. Good news is that he peed on his own outside when I took him out but it doesn't look like he drank much water (if any) and he didn't touch his food. We attempted to stimulate his appetite with a treat but even held in front of his mouth he just turned his head away. We are wondering if it's just stress from the new environment but I have never seen a new puppy act quite so terrified. He sleeps well but makes no noise whatsoever. We are a little concerned and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.