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    Just received a Pomeranian puppy after losing one to Parvo last week

    Asked Sep 28, 2011, 01:30 PM — 2 Answers
    I just got a new puppy given to me from some church members trying to cheer me up. It is 6 weeks old and had its first set of shots. It is a Pomeranian.

    I just lost a puppy to Parvo. It was diagnosed on the 5th and passed away on the 21st. I have bleached all the floors. Sprayed bleach on the chair and got a new couch and chair. I have washed all my bed and clothes.

    I can't get rid of the puppy, it will break my children's hearts. Is there anything else I can do to give this puppy a fighting chance.

    I am also taking it to a different area to us the potty.Please help me on this one. I don't think I can handle losing another one.

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    2 Answers
    shazamataz's Avatar
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    Sep 28, 2011, 10:18 PM
    I would suggest returning the puppy. 6 weeks is far too young, they need to be with the breeder until at least 8 weeks, even longer for toy breeds. I know that is not going to happen though, if the "breeder" gave such a young puppy away to someone who has had parvo chances are they are not responsible people.

    It was very nice of them to try and cheer you up but I don't think they realize how dangerous Parvo can be. You have done the right thing by bleaching everything, but you will also need to have the yard treated as well. Parvo can be tracked in on shoes and clothes so you will need to treat more than just where the puppy has been, you need to treat every inch of your home and yard.

    Vaccinations take 2 weeks to fully take affect so the puppy will not be covered for another 2 weeks. Is there anywhere you can keep the puppy for now until the vaccinations at least have a chance to start working?

    I'm sorry for your loss, this is a very unfortunate situation and I wish you the best of luck with your new pup.
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    Sep 30, 2011, 08:01 AM
    You can start your puppy on parvaid. It helps boost the immune system to fight parvo. You have to give treatments and will become expensive, but still cheaper than parvo treatment for a sick dog.

    6 weeks is very young. Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend returning the puppy due to it being exposed to your contaminated house in fear of infecting the other puppies.

    There are at home, natural remedies to help figh parvo. Parvaid being one of them. If I were you, I'd look those remedies up and start treatment asap
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