I have a new puppy he's a Native American Indian dog, which is very much like having a wolf like dog.

Naturally he has started teething and I've had a little experience with how to handle this, such as by sternly saying "NO BITE" or by substituting a squeaky toy when he tries to bite at my pants or hands.

I was just wondering is there a more successful way to go about this? This morning he pit my PJ pants and riped two small holes in the legs. Now I don't really mind the pants being ruined, but this is a habit I don't want him to keep, and he seems to do it to me more.

Sometimes he gets so persistent with the pants and the shoes that he jumps up to nip at my shirt, and this makes me get the urge to distance myself from him.

Is there anyway to further train him to not bite at my clothes or hands?

P.S. He also is starting to bite at the leash.