I was brushing my dog yesterday and I noticed as soon as I hit the spot about six inches above her tail on her back she went nuts! She started kicking her legs like crazy. I kept brushing her assuming the itch would go away but it didn't. She doesn't at any point seem in pain but she just seems to enjoy being scratched in that area. Today I noticed if I even rub that area lightly with my fingers on her back she starts kicking her legs again. This is something she has never done before (and she gets brushed often). I checked the area for sores or even fleas and didn't spot anything. I do notice after brushing or scratching that area her skin does flake white (She is a german shepherd cross). Last week she was sprayed by a skunk and we used a "skunk off" chemical from the vet clinic to remove the smell. It was just a solution you rub all over her and then let it dry (it doesn't have to be washed off). I wonder if this has something to do with the itch? Do you think this warrants a visit to the vet? Should I try and give her a bath first and see if that helps? Any thoughts on what could be causing it? She doesn't seem to have any discomfort at all and doesn't roll around on her back trying to scratch that area. Not sure if it is anything to worry about or not.