My family adopted a male Shih Tzu when he was 6 months old. I was informed that Chewy was potty trained, but learned very quickly that he wasn't at all trained. So I started the process right then, but didn't have very good luck with it. About 2 weeks after adopting him he started pooping worms and became very ill. I rushed him to the vet to find out he had whip worms, and didn't have a good chance of living. The vet gave him meds but was unsure if he would pull through. About the 4th day he started feeling well enough to go outside without me carrying him. Unfortunately this silly dog loves to eat earth worms and before he even got completely over the whip worms he got Parvo. So all potty training was on hold again. By the grace of God he lived, and is a wonder, thriving, and healthy spoiled doggy, but I can't seem to get him potty trained. I take him out several times a day and he does okay with #1 but he thinks his poo place in my game room. My vet recommended that we have Chewy fixed, and told us that would help, but it didn't. Now I have a lot of time and money invested in him, but I hate him pooing in the house.. What can I do? FYI he does have a crate that he sleeps in, and when he poos in my floor, I rub his nose in it, take him out, then put him in his crate.