I have a miniature dachshund puppy who is about 10-1/2 weeks old named Muddy (chocolate& isabella dapple). We got her a couple of weeks ago, and have been feeding her 2x a day, about 1/4 c each time. My question is this - I recently read you should feed puppies more frequently, say three times per day. Is this necessary, and if so, should I add another 1/4 c feeding, or divde her current 1/2 c of food into three parts instead of two. She slways seems to be in search of more food when her food is gone, but she does not seem to be terribly thin. My husband does not think we are underfeeding her, but is there a way to be sure? I feel like she would eat an extra meal if it was offered, but I don't want to overfeed. Is there a sure way to tell how much is enough?