I purchased a dog from a breeder she was really small and had diarhhea, the breeder told me she was healthy she was just the runt and the diarhhea was from her shots the previous week. I took her to the vet the next morning, the vet gave me meds and said she had fleas and was underweight & to watch closely and she had signs of hydrocephalus but she would have to be monitored to be sure. I called the breeder the same day-I took the dog to vet again 3 days later and she had lost weight and her opinion was she should go back to breeder. We callled the breeder again and she told us we could return her for a full refund which we did. She called the day after I took her back and said she had to put her down and the dog got parvo while she was with me and she stopped payment on the refund. How long does it take from exposure of parvo until the symptoms start? Is it possible she was exposed at our house and immediately showed symptoms? Any input on this would be helpful