I've done a lot of research on the Internet, and suspect that my dog is suffering from allergies. She recently had an infestation of fleas, which has been cleared up, but I believe she was allergic to the bites. I cannot afford to take her to the vet, so again, after doing tons of research, I concluded that the best thing was to treat her with Benadryl. This after using medicated shampoos and Sulfodene. She was licking and chewing around the base of her tail and her paws and scratching incessantly around her "underarms." This as slowed down, but I am wondering how long before the Benadryl takes full effect. I am TERRIFIED of overly medicating my dog. She is indeed my "child." I was afraid to even give it to her in the first place, but I can no longer stand by and watch her suffer. So after much prayer, I moved forward with the Benadryl. When can I stop?