We live in the country. I have a 1 year old, indoor Pomeranian. He goes outside to the bathroom and comes back to the door after he has made sure his premises are secure. There are many wild cats that live in the barns or other outbuildings. I have several "dog houses" set up around the place for the cats to take cover in if necessary. I also keep a cat food feeder out for any cats that need to supplement their wild food intake. Two cats had kittens in the dog houses this year. The Pom has picked up several of the kittens and has played with them until they have died. We don't believe that he maliciously kills them. We feel that he is just trying to find a friend to play with. Of course, when we see the Pom with the kittens he is commanded to sit, drop and leave the kittens, which he does. Many times, the kittens do not appear to be hurt but he has still played with some of them long enough to have killed them. What can I do to keep the Pom from harming any more kittens?