My dog was diagosed with Parvo one week ago. I took him to the emergency clinic for the weekend. Then on to the vet that Monday. He stayed on IV fluid and twenty kabillion blood tests to keep track of different things. Diag on Sat and started trying to drink on his own Tuesday morning. (Good sign). But he wasn't able to keep even water down. Well couple more days of IVs for fluids and then IVs for protein. Now Wed he ate about two spoonfuls of canned food. (Yeah!! ) Thursday went to a little more but today he hasn't or won't eat anything. Still drinks water on his own and is now keeping it down. No bowel movement in a week. :( Last day of protein IV tommor and out comes the IV needle. Any suggestions on foods. Should I start forcing him to eat? Maybe someone has gone through the Parvo virus and can tell me how long it took there dog to eat. Help please!