I just got a new puppy and my cat is about 8 years old. She (my cat) has lived with dogs in the house since she was a kitten but has been living for about 6 months as the only pet because an older dog of mine passed away. Now I have a new puppy and he's proving to be much more of a handful than my previous pups. He's been in my house about 4 days now, and the cat has been hiding out in my room (so I moved her litterbox and food in here but I assume this routine cannot remain constant for her).

Today I tried carrying her out to the living room where the puppy was napping, just so that she could see him and get close without him biting or jumping at her (I haven't seen him attempt to bite her yet) and naturally she hissed and puffed out her tail and tried to run back to my room and hide behind the TV stand.

The puppy is 8 weeks old and he's a native american indian dog (which is much like a wolf dog) and he has just begun teething. I want the cat to be able to leave my room without me worrying about the dog accidentally biting her thinking she's playing when it could possibly be hazardous for her.

I also am afraid to let my cat go outside (she does go outside from time to time but usually not daily) because I do not want her to run outside and then not want to come back in. as you can probably tell I have a strong bond with my cat (shes my first) and I love the puppy and plan to take good care of it, I just know he's very active.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!:p