I just recently adopted a two year old dog from an animal shelter, he's never been house trained. When I first put him in his crate he would wait till I took him out to go pee and poop, however recently he has taken to pooping and peeing in his crate all over his bed. People said he wouldn't pee on place he sleeps, but obviously that is not true. I take him out early in the morning when I wake up, feed him and thirty minutes to and hour later I take him out as vets told me to, and then I crate him. I go to school and he's never alone for more than three hours, but when I come home he's both peed and pooped on his bed in his crate. How do I get him to stop? His crate is big enoug for him to stand up in, turn around and lay down, so it's not that crate is too big or too small. I let him out when I'm home, but if I leave him out for longer than an hour he'll go on the carpet. I've been trying to train him for a month with little success. Help!