I have a beautiful dog I rescued from the pound in November of 2010. In January of 2011 We had to take her in to have her stomach pumped because she was having a hard time digesting food. Since then she has not gained an ounce. I have tried many different methods recommended by the vet and have still had no luck. She is mastiff and bull terrier mixed with a blue brindle coat. She is a very active dog and I have tried high calorie diets plus a very good puppy food but still have had no luck. The more we try the skinnier she starts to look I am afraid that if she looses any more we will have to put her down. My children love her and my husband and I would love to see her gain the weight and live a long fruitful life. Does any one have any more idea's? I have worked with the vets here and we had her tested for worms and other diseases. The only thing we know from all we have done is that she has some kind of gastrointestinal problem. Please help me save my precious little girl.