I recently got rescued a puppy who had just been through parvo, her mother died from the parvo when she was 4 1/2 weeks old. Ive had her for 4 days and I can barely get her to eat anything. The people I got her from were feeding her dog food gravy with a syringe and pedialiyte also through a syringe. When I brought her home I bought 4 different kinds of canned puppy food, but she wouldn't eat any of it unless I gave it to her through a syringe. And she wouldn't like the pedialiyte, only if I gave it to her in a syringe. She also had very dark yellow pee, and diarrhea. I also have cats, and they're cat food is kept in my room, and when I wasn't looking she would try to eat the cat food. I looked that up and people said its not good for dogs so I've been trying to keep her away from it. Yesterday I bought IAMs puppy food, and Tried to give it to her plain like the cat food but she wouldn't eat it, so I put it in warm milk and she wouldn't eat it, then I put some in the food in warm water and she ate it really fast. And she started licking water out of a plate, and some pedialiyte. Today I tried the warm water and food again, and she wouldn't eat it at all. But she was really trying to eat my blueberry muffin, which I didn't let her do because I know it'd give her diarrhea. So then I tried putting a little Cinnamon on the food and she started to eat it but then figured it out and just licked the Cinnamon off. She drank a little bit of water on her own, but likes to drink out of my cups more then her bowl.:/ She also just had diarrhea the last time I took her out a couple minutes ago. I don't know what to do. She is very thin. And she sleeps a lot. She has little to no muscle in her back legs so she falls over easily. She likes to follow me around though so I try take her outside to walk around for exercise but after a while she just gives up and lays down. I don't want answers that say take her to the vet I already know this but I just spent a lot of money getting my cat fixed and can't afford a vet visit right now. please help!