I just started a new job and am trying to change my dog's pooping schedule to early morning/late afternoon so she is more comfortable during the day. Currently she's an early afternoon/late night pooper, which is fine except I am not home in the early afternoon anymore! I need her to poop on our morning walks so she can last a bit longer during the day while I'm gone. I am starting to feed her later at night (gradually moved from 5:30 dinner time to about 7:00 now, I want to get to 8:00) and am not taking her on walks long enough to make a poo at nighttime. Is this the right thing? Am I unknowingly torturing the poor pooch? She is my first pet I've mothered alone (had a family dog when I was a kid) and am slightly (insanely) neurotic about making sure I am making the right decisions for her. Thanks for your help!