Help me, Please! My dog has been diagnosed with a tumor/ tumors in her nose. Because her nose is plugged up much of the time, (from clotted blood), she cannot smell her food, thus, nothing really motivates her to eat. I've tried most everything. The problem is being able to feed her a balanced meal and keep it, "smelly" in order to gain her interest. I mix everything with her dry food, which she doesn't care for at all, no matter what I try. I've tried mixing in cooked eggs, ground beef, bullion, most all kind of poultry, (of course all food mixed with dry has been heated first), and much more. She seems pretty normal, and we walk a mile or two every day. I'm concerned about her losing too much weight, because being a normal Greyhound genetically tends to keep her weight down anyway. I own a pet sitting business, and get to speak with many clients about health problems, but can't seem to fix this one for my own dog.

So I repeat, Help me, help Brynna!