My chocolate lab/mix has never had any accidents indoors. He's 3 y/o and was housebroken when I adopted him and never had any "accidents" in the house until recently.

About a month ago, I was cleaning up something in the LR and noticed a urine odor and found a wet spot on the oriental rug (I have hardwood floors most everywhere). I had some other dogs in the house so I couldn't blame it on my dog because I wasn't 100% sure.

Last weekend, I found another wet spot on the same rug (different spot) and this time there was no doubt that it was MY dog. I called him over to the spot on the rug and he KNEW he'd done something wrong because he tucked his tail and ran to get in his bed and didn't get up for a LONG time.

I get home today and he's done it AGAIN! Different spot too!

I'm having all of the carpets professionally cleaned this weekend (I'd done that rug myself with a commercial/rental cleaner) but if he continues to do this, I may be forced to give him up!

He doesn't like a crate and my only two attempts ended with him destroying the soft-sided one in less than two hours and he almost hurt himself trying to get out of the metal one. So I don't think crating is an option.

Why is this happening and how can I correct it? I love my dog but I cannot have him ruining expensive rugs!