My dog has recently began going to the bathroom in my house and I don't understand why. Could he be mad at me? I just started a new 8-5 job and I started keeping him in the bathroom while I'm at work. I use to keep him outside, but it's cold and I always worry that he's freezing while I'm gone. I then opted to keeping him in my room but I found that when I do this, he always gets in my bed underneath ALL the covers, something that I can't stand. Hence I figured the bathroom was a good alternative since it's spacious and warm.

I already had him on a potty schedule and it has been working great, he hasn't had any problems until about the past week. I come home and find that he has used the bathroom in the bathroom. He knows that this is not OK as I can tell by his behavior and body langauge when I come home. Of course I do the whole "bad dog" thing to reinforce this. Most recently he started going in my room during the night, something that is just totally out of the ordinary for him! This morning when I woke up, I found that he had went both in my room and in the bathroom! :mad: This is just getting a little out of hand and I keep wondering why is he doing this? Is he mad at me for being gone in the day time, even though he was in the bathroom for a good two weeks before he started this behavior? :confused:

Please advise, Thank you!