So my family received a very young Chihuahua mix out of nowhere. My dad was informed that she was 2 weeks old but she is able to urinate and defecate on her own and can eat some solids, so I'm guessing she's around the 3 or 4 week mark.

I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into. I think I more or less will end up being the primary caretaker of this dog, which irritates me slightly because I am the kind of person who believes getting a dog is a months-or-years-long process, but I don't mind too much. We have purchased Esbilac for her but she doesn't need it in a bottle anymore - she can lap it up from a bowl. She has no interest in water from a bowl. She can also eat some canned puppy food with the Esbilac mixed in.

So, for starters, how would being consistent in potty training work at her age? From what I understand, for every month in its age, that's how long it can hold it in hours, so I'd be taking her out every hour. Does this apply even at night?

I don't have a crate for her yet but we made a makeshift box-bed-thing that I lined with old towels. I notice sometimes she shivers or is trembling while sleeping in the towel. Is this just her being cold/scared?

She also REALLY likes sleeping in peoples' laps, and sometimes I have a hard time getting her to sleep in the box. I've fixed this so far by using one of the towels from her box in my lap, then carrying her to it when she's asleep, but is there a better way to get her to sleep for the night? I also downloaded a clock ticking app on my iPhone since I read the ticking comforts them. Sounds weird, but I gave it a try. Thanks in advance!