I just recently adopted my dog a German Shep. X. from the local humane society and for the first four days she was great. So much energy. Now she won't eat a thing and keeps throwing up early in the morning. She is still pretty playful but you can see that she is tired. I brought her the vet and at first they thought she had parvo but that wasn't it. So we brought her back again when the vomiting didn't stop and the diarrhea persisted and they didn't come up with anything but more ways to make me spend a load more of money. I honestly cannot afford to keep her at the vets I'v already spend $600 on two visits that obviously didn't help at all. She won't even go near the food the vet gave me and she won't touch the food that she was eating before. If anyone has any help for me it would be greatly appreciated. I just lost my old dog before we got her and my heart cannot stand to loose another one. I will do anything in my power.
Thanks :(