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    Sep 28, 2011, 04:18 AM
    German Shepherd cross rottweiler puppy 8 weeks old
    Hi this is my first time ever puppy would like some tips in teaching him to poop outside in stead of indoors which he seems to do a lot. We take him out all the time but he never wants to poop outdoors is there any good tips that you can give me please ?I also want to teach him not to chew furniture and to walk him saftley across the roads to learn him to sit. Any other good tips is inraising him would be good thank you.regards Toni parker
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    Sep 28, 2011, 10:38 PM
    8 weeks is very young so don't expect miracles in the toilet training department for a while yet.

    The best advice I can give for toilet training is just to be persistent. Take the pup outside regularly, especially just after it has woken up from a nap or had a meal and just wait outside with it.
    When the pup poops inside just ignore it, clean up the mess and don't scold. Scolding for going indoors can often lead to the puppy going in more sneaky locations.
    When the pups poops outside praise like crazy, make the puppy think it has just done the best thing ever.

    Dogs generally respond much better to positive than negative training so praise is the key.

    Chewing furniture can be resolved by vigilance and with the help of some commercial products. Pet stores sell bitter spray products that you can spray on items you don't want chewed. Puppy goes to gnaw on a chair but instead of being rewarded with a chew toy, it gets a mouth full of yukky tasting spray that has been applied to it.

    Teaching a dog to sit can be easy or hard depending on the individual dog. Again, at 8 weeks don't expect miracles, your pup is only a baby so it may not understand what you are asking of it, but it doesn't hurt to start training now.

    To teach a dog to sit the easiest way is to hold a treat above the dogs head so it is looking up. With the way dog are built, when their head goes up, their butt naturall goes down. If the pup doesn't automatically sit down just gently push on its butt with your hand while repeating the command "sit". The second the pups butt touches the ground give the treat and repeat the process.
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    Sep 29, 2011, 03:41 AM
    Thank you great advice.
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    Sep 29, 2011, 12:57 PM
    Here is something to think about... the current conversion of dog years into people goes about like this... 1st dog year old = 15 people years, 2nd year = 10 more years, then it goes about 4 years per dog year.

    So, an 8 week old puppy is how 'old'? Probably still crawling around in diapers! He is too young to expect to be able to train him to do anything. He is still operating mainly on instinct, and many of 'them' have yet to fully kick in. Anything he 'learns' is probably accidental and purely your good fortune. Meaning, lotsa praise for 'doing it right', but no correction for not, until he gets about 6 months old.

    Just like a child, you have to be in total control of the pup, for his protection. You have to figure out when he is 'wanting' to potty and get him to the proper place. (This is the most important step in potty training. Kennel training relies on instinct response, which may not be working yet, and can also work against training by showing him he can 'go' in his kennel.) Next important is to recognize when he is telling you that he would rather go outdoors 'right now' than at the next commercial break.

    Training the puppy is just part of developing the human-dog bond. By the time it is nearly completed (like, is it ever?) you have both come to pretty well 'know' each other. It's sort of like a 'rite of passage' that we all have/must go through. Enjoy it, best as you can, it gives you some sort of bragging rights later.

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